I Heart PDX

I Heart PDX

Once Portland summer arrives, all great ambitions of writing blog posts are tossed out the window. As I now find myself exploring a new city (Melbourne, Australia) at the end of its winter, it’s about time that I check this one off of my to do list!

Here are my Top 10 Reasons that I LOVE PDX:

1. The Seasons

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall there is always something beautiful to be seen.


2. Local Craft Beer

Macro, micro, nano, pico…you name it, we got it! You can almost always find me at the local brewery for Tightwad Tuesday $2.50 pints of delicious craft beer. If C-Note is on Nitro, you should get it!


(5th Quadrant, C-Note, Widmer in the backyard)

3. Great Food

Restaurants, food carts, Lovely’s 50 50, New Seasons, farmers markets… we have GREAT FOOD. If you know me at all, you know of my love for delicious food. Portland offers some of the finest cuisine using local and organic ingredients.


(Prasad, Pine State Biscuits, Red Hills Market-Dundee, Blue Star Donuts)

4. Best Summers EVER

Picnic sunsets at Skidmore Bluffs, camping in the forest along the McKenzie River, weekend trips to Sunriver, floating and rafting (both VERY different), berry/fruit picking at Sauvie Island, concerts at Edgefield, Sunday Parkways… what else can I say, summers in Portland are well deserved & enjoyed by all.

5. Floating the Sandy

This deserves its own callout since it not only happens during the summer but is one of my most favorite things to do.


6. The Bridges

When a river runs thought the center of a city, you end up with some architectural masterpieces in the bridges. Not only in the city but all over Oregon there are some epic bridges.

(St.Johns Bridge, Fremont Bridge, Broadway Bridge, Steel Bridge)

7. Location, Location, Location!

In an hour or less you can find yourself at wineries, the coast or snow filled mountains. Everything is generally under a 15 minute drive from one side of the city to the other. Seattle is a short, and scenic, 2.5 hour drive, and a flight to So Cal is only 2 hours away.

8. Green (in more ways then one)

Who doesn’t love a lush green forest? Rain + Forest = GREEN

In regards to the other form of green, we have 4 types of recycling and our actual “trash” pick up is only once a month. Thought I might show you a picture of our trash? Who wants to see that when you can look at the forest!

9. Bike friendly

I have to admit that I’m a fair weather biker but when its nice outside, I’m ready to jump on my bike. The streets are friendly and the paths along the river are stunning. If you have yet to bike down the Springwater Corridor, you are missing out!

10. Unicorns

Any time you meet a true local, they are often referred to as a Unicorn. I’m lucky to know a few and have one particular favorite…


If you made it all the way down here and your still wondering “if or when” I’m moving back to CA… read it again!


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