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(Mother’s Day card, National Handwriting Day phrase – both hand-lettered by me)

Last Spring, I was lucky enough to attend an event at Tillamook Station, put together by WeMakePDX, featuring Jessica Hische. Not only is her work amazing, she has a silly and playful personality to compliment it.

This past weekend, I went to my second event with WeMakePDX, a Lettering Workshop with Nathan Yoder. We watched the artist sketch while learning about his process, as the group joined in the fun of sketching. Nathan has a great perspective on what it means to be a human/artist/designer/robot. It was a pleasure to meet him at this sketchXchange.

I have always loved the elegance in calligraphy and the uniqueness in hand-lettering. These were both fun and inspiring events, I cant wait to go back!

Anything inspiring you right now?


 Jessica Hische

|| May 2, 2014 ||

jessica_01 jessica_02jessica_03jessica_04jessica_05


Nathan Yoder

|| February 7, 2015 ||

nathan_01 nathan_02 nathan_03 nathan_04


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